This project has been successful as a result of many people contributing from various disciplines.

We developed an interdisciplinary team within the clinic working together.  Psychiatrists, a mental health nurse, and a CBT therapist worked with clinic family doctors and clinic nurses.  We also work with other campus partners (e.g. Centre for Accessible Learning, Counselling Services) as necessary.

Core Crew

  • Dr. Marilyn Thorpe (Project Lead)
  • Helen Monkman (Project Manager)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Borycki (Co-Investigator)
  • Theresa Brown (MH MOA)
  • Cathy Buchan (MH Nurse)
  • Dr. Judy Burgess (Former Clinic Director)
  • Dr. James Felix (Mental Health Co-Lead)
  • Dr. Oona Hayes (Mental Health Co-Lead)
  • Dr. Andre Kushniruk (Co-Investigator)
  • Dawn Olson (CBT Therapist)
Project Staff

  • Josephine Hsu (Research Assistant)
  • Dr. Leigh Greiner (Data Analyst)
  • Dawn Nicholl (Grant Writer)
  • Dr. G.T. Swart (Advisor)
  • Kun Liu (EMR queries)
University Health Services Staff

  • Katherine Bertoni (NP – Diabetes)
  • Dr. Kim Daly (Health and Wellness)
  • Nicole Fetterly (Nutrition)
  • Leanne Halligay (Nutrition)
  • Annie Lucas (Health and Wellness)
  • Marianna Mazza (Office Manager)
University Health Services Nurses

  • Lauren Fortuna (mental health)
  • Georgie Humphries
  • Beverley Insley
  • Birdena Luney
  • Karen Skripitsky
  • Chelsea Wozniak
  • Barbara Fox
University Health Services Medical Office Assistants

  • Jett Cooper (Billing & Referrals)
  • Carla Garton
  • Stephanie Goodwin-Bisson
  • Geraldine Kiss (Pit coordination)
  • Vino Kumar
  • Darla MacIvor (EMR)
  • Veronica Roby
Island Health Psychiatrists

  • Dr. Erin Burrell
  • Dr. Joanna Cheek
  • Dr. Michael Cooper
  • Dr. Cliff Duncalf
  • Dr. Melissa Gansner (Resident)
  • Dr. Ildiko Lorincz
  • Dr. Pulkit Singh (Resident)
Island Health Family Doctors

  • Dr. Sherri Baskerville-Bridges
  • Dr. Jean Bowles
  • Dr. Marni Brydon
  • Dr. William Dyson
  • Dr. Kim Foster
  • Dr. Brock Fraser
  • Dr. Jessica Fry
  • Dr. Tony Garnett
  • Dr. Catherine Gray
  • Dr. John Kim
  • Dr. Carlos Levia
  • Dr. Steve Martin
  • Dr. Blair Meeker
  • Dr. Sam Stewart
  • Dr. Lindsay Warder