Managing ADHD more effectively by educating students and providers.

Dr. James Felix, a family doctor, developed a series of 9 sessions offered each semester to help students understand and cope more effectively with their ADHD. The first 4 are psycho-educational sessions and the latter 5 are CBT based, specific to ADHD patients. Mindfulness techniques are incorporated throughout the sessions. The sessions incorporate content from the following 3 resources:

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“I learned so many skills and tricks to help me get organized. The group really helped me improve my academic work. ”

ADHD Workshop Participant
Session Title Facilitator(s)
1.What is ADHD? neurology, executive function, medication Q&A Dr. James Felix
2.Lifestyle interventions focus on nutrition and exercise Registered Nurse & Dietician
3.ADHD and emotions emotional regulation strategies Registered counsellor
4.Academic strategies and coaching tips Academic Coach
5.Time management: Time awareness and Scheduling & Making Tasks manageable and Rewarding yourself Dr. James Felix
6.Time management: Prioritizing and To-Do Lists Dr. James Felix
7.Time management: Overcoming Emotional Obstacles Dr. James Felix
8.Time management: Activation and Motivation Dr. James Felix
9.Getting Organized: Setting, Implementing and Maintaining up an Organizational System Dr. James Felix

Educating family doctors reduced referrals to psychiatry for ADHD.

From 2013 and up to April 2014, there was an average of 5 referrals monthly for psychiatric consultations for the diagnosis of ADHD. Our family doctors received 5 CME lectures about the treatment of ADHD by April 2014. During the discussions around our new pit appointments, the case was made that family doctors often prescribe for illnesses (e.g. inhalers for asthma) without a specialist’s input and ADHD need not be any different. Since May 2014, the average number of psychiatric referrals for ADHD has been reduced to one per month and are typically handled in pit appointments.